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Bandsaw Blade Weld Center

Why MetCutInc Bandsaw Blades?

METCUTINCThat question is easy! We sell quality, time tested, and innovative products only. All made by BAHCO, Swiss quality, world leader in producing bandsaw blade material for a global market. That means quality; quality drives their products. That means consistency; consistency delivering savings in cost per cut. Where does MetCutInc fit in, you ask? We are one of a select few BAHCO weld centers strategically placed around the nation and every day we weld loops and ship to other distributors throughout the mid-states region. That means we have local inventory that reaches into hundreds of thousands of feet on our shelves ready to be welded. And, oh yes, within 24 hours, if not the same day! That means we are able to hand you cost savings per loop as we control material price and weld costs. We have state of the art welders manned with factory schooled personnel and are checked periodically by quality assurance at BAHCO’s Pennsylvania facility to make sure our welds fall within stringent guidelines. We consistently weld through 2-5/8” wide material!

So, if you are looking for a dependable, time honored, (30 years), supplier of bandsaw blades, look no further. We’ve got you covered. Quality, consistency, local inventory, better selection, better pricing, qualified personnel and best value available. Give us a shot and we’ll prove it!

Welding world's best quality bandsaw blades together at MetCutInc weld center (photo front view of MetCutInc worker welding blades and sparks are brightly flying in the air, orange and yellow). Finishing the loop on world's best quality bandsaw blades at MetCutInc weld center (photo side view of MetCutInc worker welding blades).

BAHCO Bandsaw Blades logo, best quality blades, proudly sold at MetCutInc

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