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About Us

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MetCutInc is an established distributor of supplies, equipment, and services to manufacturing and metalworking businesses. We represent a wide variety of products and many of your favorite manufacturers. If you are looking for cutting tools, machinery, centrifuges, saw blades, grinding tools, abrasives, carbides, coolants, taps, drills, absorbent materials, cutting fluids, we have got you covered!

Our mission is to create together the industry's preferred distributor, to build with excellent people, each committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Some 30 years ago, this company sprang into existence as a cutting tools specialties house. MetCutInc is now a general line industrial products business, participating in everything from farm implement manufacturing to state-of-the-art industry products.

Our company recognizes the new information technology revolution our society has entered into. We have become a global company, not holding fast to satisfaction with our past successes. Much of this company's successes have come from our ability to be flexible; our integrity; and sound management practices.

Company History

     Started:    1987 in Tulsa, OK



MetCutInc was started initially to serve the aerospace and petrochemical industries located in northeastern Oklahoma.  Although started as a cutting tool specialties house, MetCutInc is now a truly general line industrial products business participating in everything from farm implement manufacturing to the cutting edge cyber world.  MetCutInc was born with the merger of three companies, Metal Cutting Fluids, Metal Cutting Machinery and Metal Cutting Supply with a branch in Oklahoma City and Lewisville, Texas.  We conduct business with suppliers and customers not only domestically; but, also, globally.

MetCutInc currently enjoys a customer/partner base in excess of one thousand and a vendor/partner base in excess of six hundred.  Also, we have many con-joint relations with suppliers inside and outside our region that allow us to provide, via phone or e-mail, our customers with almost any product they desire at very competitive pricing.

For years, MetCutInc has integrated our knowledge and expertise of the distributing industry with cutting edge technology.  Partnered with professional services, we provide our clients with a complete solution to their industrial needs.  We have shipper tracking services that can pinpoint your package at an instant’s notice.  With our own metro delivery, no one matches our service capabilities.

With our eyes focused squarely on the future and our feet firmly planted on the ground, you can rest confidently, with the history to back it up, that MetCutInc can take care of your industrial needs.  Come partner with us.  Together, we will conquer the cybernetics of our industrial world!

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